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Learning to fly RC aircraft has never been easier with the advent of computer stabilized training aircraft.  Below is one example.. Only $299!! for everything needed to get started..

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Training UPDATE (New Drone information added)

Send an email to the address below requesting training, include what days and times are best for you. We will match you with an available instructor.

Please be reminded you need to join the AMA Introductory Student Pilot Program in order to fly with a Brauer's instructor. There is no cost, and you can sign up at the field. The AMA covers the Liability Insurance for you for 60 days as long as you are training with an Introductory Pilot Instructor

Student Pilot Form

Please email

Learning to fly rc airplanes is not as hard as you might expect.

start with the following tips below...

1. Visit an RC Airfield - Follow the link below to locate a field & Club near you. You will almost always find someone flying on nice days. Most sites welcome visitors, and pilots are more than eager to show off their planes and flying skills. Click here to find a Club

You could also attend a flying event (Fun Fly) that are usually open to the public if you want to see a large number of different aircraft. You can check AMA Event Calendar for scheduled events.

2. Want to get started?? (Remember you can learn for free and don't have to join Brauer's until you wish to fly on your own)

FIRST... Join a local Club and the AMA "Academy of Model Aeronautics". Why.. Your Local RC Club is a great source of information and training - most of it at no cost other than a membership fee. Your also going to need a place to fly that meets AMA Safety requirements. Although there are few flying sites that do not require a club membership, most (usually the better maintained sites) require an affiliation with one or more clubs to use a field.

Join the AMA. The AMA is the ruling body for most Model Aircraft Sports. They also provide the liability insurance needed to fly at 99% of the flying sites. Most if not all clubs require a AMA membership. They are also a huge source of information on this sport.. Go to for see what they are all about.

3. Now get proper instruction.. Before you purchase a plane talk with a club flight instructor, they are the best informed on the right aircraft to start out with. In some cases a club will have a one or more training aircraft for you to use.

Some beginners ask " Can I teach myself to fly ". It can be done, but it's very difficult. It usually results in the loss of the aircraft and the pilot getting discouraged. It's also unsafe and most clubs will not allow pilots to use the field until they can demonstrate basic flying skills.

Take the time to learn to fly properly with an instructor, it will boost your confidence and your continued success in this hobby.

Keep in mind the following when looking to purchase..

1. Availability of Parts? stay with the major manufacturers like Phantom, Horizon Hobby, ect. You can expect to break something eventually and you wil need parts.

2. Make sure your "Drone" has a fail safe and even better a return to home feature.

3. Always buy additional batteries and charge them as instructed. Failed batteries are the number one reason for Drone crashes.

Below are links to popular resources for Beginners and current RCer's....

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