Brauer's Aviators






Field update..

We are in final negotiations with the land owner and hope to have this nailed down by April.  This is the first step in getting our new field up and running. 2nd step will be access to the field and deciding on what we want for a runway. One thought is a Geotex runway.. a heavy fabric that would give us a smooth and maintenance free (no mowing) runway. It could also be installed in several days and removed and moved if need be. Keep in mind both access and Geotex runway will cost more dollars in than we have in the bank. We will be looking for donations in the future to get this field up and running.




Geotex field under construction



Agreement has been made with Niagara County and the Balsa Dusters

to Co-Locate with the Balsa Dusters at Niagara County Model Airplane Field

AKA Day rd field. Until we find new field this may be our home.

For those of you who have not flown at Day rd..

they have a 680' x 90' runway (nearly twice the old field)

Parking, shelter, and porta pottie. We hope both clubs together can improve

the location to the benefit of both.







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