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Now is the time to start going over your aircraft.  YES NOW!! not a week before the field is open. I found this neat Checklist specifically for checking out your aircraft after a long winter in storage. (Click Here for checklist). One area you must focus on are your Batteries!! Receiver, Propulsion, Starter, Ignition, and Glow plug. Every spring I see busted up planes or disappointed pilots because they cant get into the air because one of these batteries is dead. or fails midflight  A good Battery Charger. is essential.  One good example is the Hitec X1 Touch for $99 it will charge, test, and cycle all types of batteries. It’s no speed daemon but you can be sure your batteries are ready to go. It’s touch screen is super easy to use unlike the cheaper models that make you scroll thru endless menus.  One of the best features it has is the ability to cycle any type of battery, this is the only way to be sure your battery still has it’s full capacity.