Brauer's Aviators


Longitude W 78*46.073' - Latitude N 43*06.353'


Across from Brauer's Tavern - 6611 Campbell Blvd. Pendleton NY


One of the Best RC Clubs in WNY!!

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Field Conditions

Field is Open - Very Dry but Excellent conditions..


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Another nice Weenie fly.. Hot and Breezy.. But we are use to it by now..

Two old Citabria Pro's brought back from the dead thanks to Jerry from R&L Hobbies who let them go after hanging in his shop for years. Joe and Dave restored both of them to flying condition. Joe's Yellow Pro has a Zenoha 26 Gas Engine and Dave's has a DLE 20CC Gas engine.


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For more detailed info on our remote weather station click here

*Note - You can download the Wunderground App for Mobile devices to view the Brauers Weather Station from your Iphone\Android - KNYLOCKP6 is our Station ID.


General Information: