Brauer's Aviators


Longitude W 78*46.073' - Latitude N 43*06.353'


Across from Brauer's Tavern - 6611 Campbell Blvd. Pendleton NY


One of the Best RC Clubs in WNY!!

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Want to try out Flying RC Planes!

Brauer's can teach you to fly for Free!!.. We provide the plane, radio, fuel, and Instructor - Zero $$.. Click Here to go to the Beginners Page



New First Aid Kit.. Up by the solar batteries..


Good News.. We have rented the field from Brauer's for at least another season since the developer will probably not be able to start work until 2018.

The board is still hard at work searching for another field.. been very tough

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New station is installed, but still having reporting issues.. will be working on it the next couple of days..


General Information: